Ken Verheecke - Autumn Reflection (2009)

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Ken Verheecke - Autumn Reflection (2009)

Instrumental Acoustic Guitar Celebrating the Seasons of the Black Hills

Recorded during August and September of 2009 comes the latest installment of Ken's 'Reflection' series... "Autumn Reflections." Recorded simply with 2 guitars... Ken's 1996 512C-NG Taylor and an old slotted head Martin Gut String on loan to Ken through Layton Howerton. It is a gorgeous recording and one that you'll appreciate during times of quiet, peace and rest. Presently available through Soundclick, Many Miles Music, iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic as well as other digital outlets. Stay tuned for more information!

Ken has lived in the Black Hills of South Dakota since 1978. Ken notes, "It's a place that has captured my imagination and I wanted to create a project that celebrated how I see western South Dakota each and every year. This release captures the wonder, beauty and the exciting change of our Autumn season here in the Black Hills. Look for future releases, Summer Reflections, Winter Reflections and Spring Reflect

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