Relax Around the World Studio - Thai Spirit. Oriental Chill Out (2013)

Категории: Аудио / Mp3 / Альбомы / World Music, Ethno / Chillout / Чил-аут

Исполнитель: Relax Around the World Studio
Альбом: Thai Spirit. Oriental Chill Out
Год издания: 2013
Стиль: World, Lounge, ChillOut, Downtempo
Лейбл: Earth Golden Records
Количество треков: 14
Продолжительность: 00:49:45

01. Full Moon Party (Percussion and Rhythm)
02. Letal Girls (Percussion and Rhythms for Dancing)
03. Ambient Chillout Caf? (Frequencies Relaxation, Yoga and Tai Chi Sounds)
04. Chiang Mai, Fashion Atmosphere (Digital Rhythm and Sound Environment)
05. Chill out Trance Beach Party (Environmental and Background Melodies)
06. That Obscure Object of Desire (Rhythms of the Night)
07. Paradise Island (Relaxing Melodies with Soft Piano)
08. Night Club Party (Relaxing Thai Music with Traditional Base)
09. Moa Island (Digital Music and Rhythmic Percussion)
10. Malaysia in the Heart (Thai Drums and Natural Flutes)
11. Return to Bangkok (Modern Night Rhythms in Thailand)
12. Sensual Thai (Thai Drums, Harmony and Environment)
13. Malaysian Tigers (The Chakras Melodies and Wave of Meditation)
14. Chillhouse Samui Lounge (Modern Thai Rhythms)

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