Special New Year's Radio Marathon on DI.fm Chillout Channel (2009)

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Special New Year's Radio Marathon on DI.fm Chillout Channel (2009)

Исполнитель<: Сборник
Альбом: Special New Year's Radio Marathon on DI.fm Chillout Channel
Год издания: 2009
Стиль: Ambient, Chillout
Количество треков: 52
Продолжительность: (1CD 59:45) (2CD 58:19) (3CD 01:00) (4CD 58:54)
Формат: Mp3
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Size: 488 Mb


Firmament - The Gift (Special New Year Mix)

1.Neonica ft Zetandel - Dolphins
2.K.Melody - Night Sky (Zetandel remix)
3.John Askew - Beirut (original mix)
4.Lustral - Love Shines Through (Vox Mix)
5.Steve Anderson - Closer (Electrosparkles Chilled Remix)
6.Blank and Jones - Chilled Cream
7.Hillsong United - You
8.Ashram - For My Sun
9.DJ Berlin Project & DJ Anna - Scotland
10.Secret Garden - Song From A Secret Garden
11.Ameerah - The Sound Of Missing You (TJ's Candlelight Mix)
12.Ecolyte & Eco System ( TS - 404 ) - Fading Memories (Original Vocal Mix)
13.Egoism - Create Love (Original mix)
14.Ferry Corsten Feat. Shelley Harland - Holding On

Martin Grey - Special New Year Mix

01. Ben Nicky - Special Moment (Adam Ellis Ambient Remix)
02. Activa feat. Julie Harrington - Away From This (Ambient Mix)
03. Breakfast - The Air Between
04. Blufeld feat. Di - Serene (W&D Chillout Mix)
05. V.Noise - Rain (Chillout)
06. Beach Hoppers - Bit By Bit
07. Filo & Peri feat. Eric Lumiere - Soul and the Sun (Properly Chilled Mix)
08. Anne Rani - Fall (Illinton Chillout Mix)
09. Corderoy - Simple Emotion
10. John O'Callaghan feat. Lo-Fi Sugar - Never Fade Away
11. Bobina feat. R. Kenga - That's What I Did For You (Sensorica Remix)
12. Lemon & Einar K - Hope (Chill Out Mix)

TomasQue - Tears of Happiness (Special New Year Mix)

1 Binary Dreamer - My Island of Ibiza (chillout del mar cafe)
2 DJ Tatana - Dont Be Sad (original mix)
3 Chill Out Celebration - Above All
4 Toltec - Ray of Hope (inverse ratio chillout mix)
5 ID - ID
6 Chris Reece - Overflow (original mix)
7 Dinka - Hopelessly Devoted (original mix)
8 Alliance of Joy, Fischer & Miethig feat. Stine Groove - Untouchable (fischer & miethigs chillout remix)
9 Diascries - Anemone (Original Mix)
10 Bissen & the Crossover - Washout (piano mix)
11 Coastline - Adriatic Sea (lounge cafe chillout del mar mix)
12 Mike Shiver and Marc Damon - Water Ripples (christian rusch's chillout mix)
13 Ben Nicky - Special Moment (gorm sorensen chillout mix)

Solarsoul - Time Ago (Special New Year Mix)

01.The Dreamline - Excitement
02.Sean Tyas - Melbourne (Proyal Bright remix)
03.Evgeniy Shagalov - Touching Time (Infinityloop remix)
04.ID - ID
05.ID - ID
06.Tigerforest - Atlantique
07.Tycho - Coastal Brake (Manual Remix)
08.Filo & Peri feat. Eric Lumiere - Soul And The Sun (Properly Chilled Mix)
09.Tiff Lacey - Show Me The Way (Acoustic mix)
11.Jes - Lovesong (Acoustic Love mix)
12.ADS feat DI - Words That May Never Be Said (Shadowfall's Chilled Acoustic Mix)
13.ID - ID

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