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Chakra's Dream - Equilibrium (2009)
Просмотров: 3 620
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The Ken Myers Project - Beyond (2010)

The latest in a series of ambient music for film, 'Beyond' by The Ken Myers Project weaves melodic sound structures into (self determined) peaceful atmospheres, which suggest this project's relationship to the visual arts
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Ken Verheecke - Autumn Reflection (2009)

Instrumental Acoustic Guitar Celebrating the Seasons of the Black Hills
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Elixirion - Between Time and Space (2009)

"Between Time and Space" describes our own existence from the moment of our conception, until the moment we realize that there is something more real than the things we understand with our senses. And start trying to reach out... The music of Elixirion is a blend of rock, ambient, blues, atmospheric and oriental vibes, given in a unique way.

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